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Democratic Structures

 Building a society characterized by justice and fairness, with respect for diversity, and a decent quality of life for all. Our vision is founded on the rejection of arbitrary hierarchies of power, and in support of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all living things. 




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We are working towards a world where all people have self-determination; where justice means transformation and healing, not policing and punishment; where land, labor, and housing are no longer commodities; and where the conditions exist for all people to live with dignity, resilience, and deep, loving connection.



New Economic Models

Moving toward a democratically controlled economy, honoring the earth, sharing wealth, resources, and power so everyone can thrive. As a worker directed non-profit we envision helping people and organizations develop new forms of production, new ways of obtaining sustenance, and new ways of building local economies.


Legal Resources

Justice requires that everyone has a chance to really participate and understand their legal needs, rights, and responsibilities. In a fair world, legal issues must be understood, presented, and dealt with in a quick, easy and impartial manner.

As most poor people, people of color and other under served community members know, we don’t have that kind of fair world where justice is the norm. We have a legal system that is so complicated that no one person could really understand all of it, and it takes years for most civil trials unless the documents get lost and you lose the case before you know it.

With a system as complicated and inhumane as ours, one organization can’t provide all the tools you might need. That is why we want you to know about other organizations and resources that might help you with your legal needs.